All retirement plans are maintained by a combination of three service providers. While all three play an important role, it is the advisor who guides the plan sponsor to choose the administrator and record keeper and orchestrates the relationship. The advisor will be the main contact between the plan sponsor and the other providers.

3 Components of Retirement Plan

MPI pie chart

Investment Provider/Recordkeeper

  • Recordkeeper of Plan Assets
  • Maintain Investment Platform
  • Process Transaction Trades and Distributions
  • Prepare Quarterly Statements
  • Daily Valuation


  • Main Contact to Plan Sponsor
  • Assistance with developing Investment Policy Statement
  • Advise on Selection of Investment Provider and Funds
  • Monitor and Recommend Necessary Fund Changes
  • Conduct Annual Due Diligence Meetings
  • Enroll Employees


  • Plan Document Services and Compliance
  • Verify and Process Payroll Contributions
  • Assist in processing loans and distributions
  • Perform Annual Testing and Valuation
  • Assist in Audit
  • Maintain ERISA and IRS Compliance

Services Offered

Plan Sponsor Guidance

  • Advise on general plan design options and provisions
  • Provide 3(21) Fiduciary services
  • Advise on selection of service providers; request and present proposals to plan sponsor
  • Communicate with and manage vendors to provide plan sponsor with seamless service
  • Maintain 404(c) compliance to keep plan safe harbor/ limit liability
  • Annual due diligence meeting with plan sponsor to assess total plan health, including benchmarking
  • Report and present all plan costs in a transparent format that is easy for plan sponsor to understand

Personalized Participant Services

  • Host participant education group meetings
  • Hold one on one participant guidance sessions
  • Comprehensive personalized enrollment process
  • Educate on account options at termination &/or retirement
  • Assist in incoming rollover process
  • Assist in setting up distributions during retirement, including RMD

Comprehensive Enrollment Process

At Morehead Plan Investments we are so proud of the personalized service we extend to our clients and their participants. One perfect example of this is our engaging enrollment process.

We believe in taking the time to have a meaningful conversation with participants as they enroll. Our goal is to convey the value of a retirement plan. We want them to truly understand what is being offered to them and the value that is really coming from the employer

  • Start with a group meeting explaining purpose and benefits of 401(k) plan.
  • Discuss specific plan provisions and review investment options
  • Break out One on one meetings with personalized ledger illustrating individual cost and benefit at various deferral rates

Goal: employees who understand the added value a retirement plan offers and feel appreciated by a company offering such a benefit

How we do it: providing personalized education and guidance