Morehead Plan InvestmentsA Full Service Comprehensive Pension Consulting Firm

We work directly with plan sponsors to create and manage an effective retirement plan.

The first way we provide value to our clients is through our plan and investment advice. Keeping the plan itself healthy and growing has its own benefits, such as lowering costs. Having seen a variety of different situations over the years we are well versed in drafting the most effective plan provisions for a company and also in pairing it with an appropriate investment provider to fit that company’s needs and goals.

The second way we provide value to plan sponsors is by ensuring their participants know they are important to Morehead Plan Investments. We provide one on one enrollment meetings and periodic employee education sessions to ensure participants fully understand their benefits package. When a participant feels like more than a number to us they also feel more valued by the company that provides such a well delivered benefits package.

In this technology orientated world where participants have grown accustom to being treated as a number we believe in a more old school approach, valuing the human connection and face to face time rather than facetime. Taking the time to meet and discuss your needs and goals in person ensures you as a plan sponsor feel valued as our clients, and your plan participants will feel valued as employees.

For more information on all the ways we can provide value to your company please refer to “Services”