Founded in 1941Morehead Plan Investments is the oldest pension consulting firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

For over 75 years, our firm has provided a full range of consulting and administrative services for the pension, profit-sharing and 401(k) plans sponsored by our clients.

  • 1941 The Morehead Group was founded as an advisory team for traditional pension plans and life insurance.

    1978 brought the emergence of 401(k) plans and with that the number of traditional defined benefits plans began to diminish. As the popularity of 401(k) plans grew, the need for competent skilled Third Party Administrators to handle these complex plans became apparent.
  • 1985With the leadership of Bert Moody, Morehead Plan Administrators evolved into a full service Third Party Administrator, handling all details of plan creation and management. Maintaining the fundamental value of personal customer service, Morehead Plan Administrators made sure each plan was assigned a specific plan manager. Plan sponsors appreciated the benefit of working directly with someone who knew all the details of the plan, rather than being passed between various departments. Having one steady contact allowed the plan mangers to cultivate a strong relationship with each plan sponsor. This streamlined approach also minimized lag time and errors due to a missed connection.

    While the focus of Morehead Plan Administrators at this point was administration, Bert’s knowledge and history with investments became quite helpful to many of our clients. Bert was always happy to assist when a plan advisor needed help choosing an investment line up or conducting annual fund review meetings. Over time, more and more clients and advisors turned to Bert for his investment advice; organically transitioning Morehead Plan Administrators to a hybrid producing TPA. Morehead Plan Administrators was able to provide quality administration, and also investment advisory services if the client so desired.
  • 2015 The decision was made to focus solely on plan and investment advising. The Third Party Administration side of the company was sold; while Bert and his team continue to provide investment advising and consulting services. Now solely an advising firm, the company name was changed to Morehead Plan Investments, to better reflect the true nature of the business.
  • The knowledge and skills learned while operating as a Third Party Administrator sets Morehead Plan Investments apart from other investment advisors. We are able to consult on aspects on plan design features that most other advisors are not as well versed in. This allows us to address various plan hurdles in a more productive manner and even prevent issues from arising based on past experience.
  • Today Morehead Plan Investments services clients all over the North and South Carolina region. Through all the growth and evolving, personalized customer service remains at the center of our business model. This philosophy shines through with our annual in person due diligence meetings and our one on one participant enrollment sessions. We believe the value of employee benefits depends on how employees perceive these benefits; which is why we keep participant engagement at the center of our model. Providing value to our plan sponsors both with our plan and investment advice and by ensuring their participants feel valued as employees.